Toronto FSBO

In my experience, I had spoken to few Toronto FSBO / For sale by owners or Private home sellers, some of them sold their property for quick money to get out of the stress due to their situation. I would advise them to consult a professional Realtor instead of selling for lower price from the fair market value and ending up on losing money.

Does a Toronto fsbo, Toronto for sale by owner, Toronto private home seller (he/she) know what are the responsibilities?

I doubt if any seller aware of that completely. Does the FSBO For sale by owner have Insurance? NO!

Risk Of For Sale By Owner: 100s of unknown calls, Low quality real estate and mortgage agent calls, Stress, Theft & Personal Injury When you are Selling Privately! Do you need this?

When it comes to selling a home privately, many people are enticed by the fact that they can save some real estate brokerage commission, otherwise have to pay out if they hired a professional to sell their home. Of course saving a commission is a huge saving. But buyers are very smart especially the investors.



About tlms2011

I treat you, the way I treat myself. By profession, I am a Real Estate Agent, Selling and Buying homes in the GTA and the cities close to the GTA. I offer the value to my clients than just the service.
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